Superl Technology Ltd. Lives up to its name as the foremost leader in wood powder coating technology in the world. We are the single largest producer of wood powder coat products with over 540,000 square board feet of capacity per week. That’s about 20 football fields per week of production capacity.

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Powder Coating MDF Capacity | Total Five (5) Powder Coating Lines
Capacity Total: 59,000 m2 (weekly), in 2 sides

2 Large Lines (18,000 m2 x 2)
Max : 1900mm(H) x 2400mm(L)

1 Medium Line (12,000 m2)
Max : 1600mm(H) x 2400mm(L)

1 Small Line (8,000 m2)
Max : 1200mm(H) x 2400mm(L)

1 Extra-Small Line (3,000 m2)
Max : 900mm(H) x 2400mm(L)

The science of wood powder coating has been around since the early 1990s. However, with the technological advances in wood production, resin powders and application systems, todays powder coat has come of age. Comparing wood powder coat today to 10 years ago is like comparing your cell phone today to 10 years ago….there really is no comparison! Resinite has advanced the science of wood powder coating on MDF and Particle Board to rival and move ahead of most other surface finishes.


Our manufacturing facility is the most advanced of its kind in the world. Our proprietary process in board preparation, cutting, sanding, coating and curing ensures the highest quality results anywhere. When melting and curing the resin powder we use infra-red heat callibrated to 1/100th of a degree while other factories still rely upon years old technology of ultra violet heat and ovens to melt and cure.

  • All stages of our manufacturing process are monitored and inspected as part of our quality control prior to any assembly or shipping. We conduct ongoing tests for coating thickness, color, hardness and sheen throughout the production cycle.
  • The factory engages proprietary preparation, curing, and finish hardness process.
  • Our machinery includes the most advanced CNC cutting, routers and sanders
  • We have advanced the worlds best Infra-red wood powder coating system


In addition to powder coating, we also offer assembly and warehousing services.

We can ship fully or partially assembled units and project manage any outsourced component parts, such as plastic, metal, printed surface graphics and packaging.


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